Monday, May 22, 2017

La Luce Attic

The attic space! I divided this into three rooms and the super skinny hallway. All the wallpaper and floor tile I printed out and sealed the floor with a layer of PVA glue.

Chrysnbon bathroom kit. I lurve it. I painted the outside of the bath with black and then lots of dry brushing with rusty browns and slate greys.

White glossy painted furniture is readily available and cheap but for a different look I go over the whole piece lightly with sand paper and then hit it with stain. Let it soak in a bit and then buff off. Some areas I may do more than once. Sometimes a different colour stain which add depth.

This bed I made from balsa, table legs and paper punched leaf and flower shapes. I did a lot of sewing once upon a time. Don't anymore! Like with ironing I developed an allergy to it and just can't do it anymore. My excuse and I'm sticking with it. So for bedding I 'sew' using fusible hem tape and pva glue in a fine tip applicator bottle. For the mattress I use 3/4 inch thick styro foam. I fold the mattress fabric over it like wrapping a gift and just use pins to hold it into place underneath and then glue it onto the baseboard. I use heavy card like mat board for that. Most glues will melt the styrofoam. For the valance I glue lace to the baseboard edges or to a sheet. If I want a sheet I use cotton lawn. I add lace to the two long edges with the glue or a thin strip of hem tape, putting the lace on top of the fabric so you don't see the raw cut edges. The bed cover is a piece to fit and with a bit down the sides with an extra allowance on three sides which I fold over (not the top, it will be under the folded sheet piece) and hold in place with the tape. I hold it in place with double sided tape. The folded white sheet piece you see is just a piece of lawn folded over in thirds, ironed and held in place with double side tape. Just a neat cut edge at the sides, hemming it can make it too thick. For pillows I cut out rectangular shapes, run a thin line of glue a few mm inside on three sides. Let that dry. Fill it with what ever I have n hand, tissues even and then glue up the remaining edge. Beads can be great as they have the weight to make the pillow sit like a RL one. Use clear or white ones though and smaller the better.

This bed  I made from electrical cable and railing. Little eyelets for the 'feet'. Gorgeous hat is from Lea Frisoni.

I am currently working on the half scale Fairfield. Have spent the last year or two collecting the doors, windows, fancy wood bits etc and lights. Putting it together is so very different to what I am used to and while sometimes the challenge hurts my brain it does look so very cute.

Be well! Hooroo!


  1. Un trabajo impecable, sus camas me han enamorado.Feliz semana:-)

  2. I love what you did in the attic.

  3. I love the rooms, the bathroom is my favorite, it looks like a real house


  4. Carrie, I love this house. It's so soft and warm and cozy but chic and loved too. Did you print that grey wallpaper with the red roses? It's so pretty. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your Fairfield!

  5. Me gusta mucho la división del ático,el efecto es genial y la decoración preciosa!!!!!!!!

  6. Love it. I love all the details and the warm and nostalgic atmosphere. Great job!

  7. Hello Carrie,
    How lovely! the bathroom is wonderful. You really transformed the kit and every item looks beautiful. I also love your finishing techniques and I am amazed at the furniture you make. It all looks so perfect and so realistic.
    Big hug

  8. A lovely reinvention of traditional attic space...two bedrooms done with style and a kit bathroom that looks delightfully vintage. Your ingenuity and creativity is admirable! Cheers, Alayne

  9. Hey Carrie
    I love what you've done in this space and how cleverly you have divided it. Each room is packed full with interesting bits and bobs and sneaky peeks into the hallway beyond.

  10. KUDOS Carrie! You have managed to maximize a relatively small attic space and turn it into 3 very workable rooms. The Bathroom is utterly charming and the 2 bedrooms with the varied layouts and lovely furnishings, show just how clever you are at transformations!
    I LOVE IT! ♡


  11. I'm speechless.........it looks wonderful!!!!!
    I love the tiles on the floor in the bathroom!
    Very realistic :-)

    Have a nice weekend!